Tectona Grandis, known as “The King of Woods”, gets this reputation from its unparalleled natural physical properties. Its natural high durability (Classification 1 - the highest durability classification) and its amazing dimensional stability in extreme climate conditions making it truly unique.

Its natural high oil, silica and rubber content, allows it to weather without the need of preservatives or sealants. The silica content and medium coarse texture give Teak great anti-skid properties and traction even when wet. Couple this with its strength properties ratio to medium density, makes it an ideal boatbuilding material. It is also naturally resistant to insects, fungus, and acids.

We only import naturally grown Burmese Teak, from the best areas. The logs should be straight, cylindrical and free from defects such as pitch pockets, double heart or ring shakes.

Our teak stock varies from FEQ timber for interior flooring, to 14" wide and 20' long straight quarter cut boards for superyachts. We select the teak in our yard according to your specific needs by our experienced teak team.

Thanks to our thourough quality control in Burma, our high quality standards and consistency in quality, we can guarantee our customers continuity on the long term.